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Word Example of - hinge

    Example Sentences for hinge

    Each side or shell is comparable to a door, opening and shutting on a hinge.

    Is there no circumstance on which this whole case appears to hinge?

    Fasten the boards together with battens placed upon the inside, and hinge it to the bottom of the stable.

    As Grahame had surmised, she was now the hinge of Livingstone's scheme.

    This leaves an eight-inch opening in front over which we will hinge a door.

    Because there was nothing else to do, Grant unscrewed his helmet and let it fall back on its hinge.

    While the two hold the outer room, the one who has killed the King unlocks the bars in the square window (they turn on a hinge).

    If any part of the frame cracked, if the hinge creaked, I was a lost man!

    Over the pan fitted a piece of steel on a hinge, so that it could be opened and shut at pleasure.

    Pinching your finger in the crack of a door on the hinge side.

Word Origin & History of - hinge

    Word Origin & History

    hinge c.1300, "the axis of the earth;" late 14c. as "movable joint of a gate or door," not found in O.E., cognate with M.Du. henghe "hook, handle," M.L.G. henge "hinge;" all derived from the root of the verb hang on notion of the thing from which a door hangs.

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