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Word Example of - hip

    Example Sentences for hip

    The old man swung a heavy, old-style six-gun low on his hip.

    She had an answer for each and all, with her hand on her hip, as bold as the thorough gipsy she was.

    He stood there, holding the silver cup in one hand, his other hand against his hip, in an attitude familiar to them all.

    He had torn away his blanket, so that we could see where the ball had struck him in the hip.

    He had pulled a deck of cards from his hip pocket, and now was riffling them with pointed interest.

    He only broke his hip, and it is expected to come right in due course.

    It lay in the muscles of her side, above her hip, and it grew to be a treacherous thing, for it was not persistent.

    Of these seven died, one after secondary amputation at the hip.

    I nursed a wound on my hip bone for weeks, which was very painful and was caused by a boy hitting me with a sharp stone.

    I put my hand over my hip and felt it there behind me—my own arm!

Word Origin & History of - hip

    Word Origin & History

    hip "part of the body where pelvis and thigh join," O.E. hype, from P.Gmc. *khupiz (cf. Du. heup, Ger. Hüfte, Goth. hups "hip"), from PIE *qeub- "to bend." Hipsters "pants that ride on the hips" first attested 1962; hip-huggers in this sense first recorded 1967.

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