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Word Example of - history

    Example Sentences for history

    Even when they did pick out novels, they were just as tough as the history books.

    She liked romances and history and poetry; she would read anything.

    If I have, I shall be well paid for writing the history of Bertie and his friends.

    My business is not the history of the peace, but the life of Prior.

    The history of the great majority is never compiled for reference.

    You know the history of the original operation on this planet?

    We've got history, too, or rather it was made before we came here.

    By history, literature, travel, and science men are made cosmopolitan.

    There has never been anything like this revolution in the history of the world.

    Galton estimated the number of men of genius in all history at four hundred.

Word Origin & History of - history

    Word Origin & History

    history 1390, "relation of incidents" (true or false), from O.Fr. historie, from L. historia "narrative, account, tale, story," from Gk. historia "a learning or knowing by inquiry, history, record, narrative," from historein "inquire," from histor "wise man, judge," from PIE *wid-tor-, from base *weid- "to know," lit. "to see" (see vision). Related to Gk. idein "to see," and to eidenai "to know." In M.E., not differentiated from story; sense of "record of past events" probably first attested 1485. Sense of "systematic account (without reference to time) of a set of natural phenomena" (1567) is obs. except in natural history. What is historic (1669) is noted or celebrated in history; what is historical (1561) deals with history. Historian "writer of history in the higher sense," distinguished from a mere annalist or chronicler, is from 1531. The O.E. word was þeod-wita.

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