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Word Example of - hitch

    Example Sentences for hitch

    Then hitch them up as fast as you like, and put a good stock of feed in, while we go and get ready.

    Not that he purposed putting any hitch or impediment in the way.

    "I only hope there will be no hitch in the business," said Jack.

    "I can hitch to the bars, same as we used to," Jerry continued.

    Dinan returned at this juncture, and in reply to a question, ordered his employe to hitch up the white horse.

    "Hitch him to the fence, an' then climb over," suggested Joe.

    From the grand opening to the closing number the full production was given without a hitch.

    He went on with his work of throwing a hitch around Tubbs with his picket-rope.

    The handiest way usually is, to make it up on its end, take a hitch over the whole with the standing part, and let it hang.

    The police captain obeyed the first of the orders without a hitch.

Word Origin & History of - hitch

    Word Origin & History

    hitch c.1440, probably from M.E. icchen "to move as with a jerk, to stir" (c.1200). It lacks cognates in other languages. Sense of "become fastened by a hook" first recorded 1578, originally nautical; the connection with icchen may be in notion of "hitching up" pants or boots with a jerking motion. The noun sense of "obstruction" is first recorded 1748. Military sense of "enlistment" is from 1835; verb meaning "to marry" is from 1844. Hitchhike is first attested 1923, from the notion of hitching a sled to a moving vehicle (a sense first recorded 1880) + hike.

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