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    Example Sentences for hold

    I hold that a man has more to fear there from the ink-pot of the one than from the iron of the other.

    Just hold your hand on your stomach, that always helps me, your honor.

    But he had better have kept his hold upon Ben for a moment longer.

    The girl scarcely knew whether it were best to hold on or to drown.

    "You will hold the basin," said he, directing me with his calm, benignant eye.

    I suppose it will hold all the knowledge you will want to have put into your head for some time to come.

    It serves for diocesan meetings, and will hold about 400 people.

    Perhaps, however, your sister will teach him to hold up his head better.

    The guns on both sides were got up from the hold and mounted, and we were ready for action.

    If you had not offered, I should not have asked you: as you have, I snatch at the good you hold out.

Word Origin & History of - hold

    Word Origin & History of hold

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