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Word Example of - holder


    Example Sentences for holder

    If with the blanks the bell, or hammer, or both are thrown, the owner of such card pays one to the holder of the white horse.

    The figure represents the holder at the bottom of its travel.

    You then take hold of any part of the handkerchief, and direct the holder to drop the handkerchief at the word “three.”

    For instance, if the knave be led, the holder of the ace of hearts is obliged to play it.

    The gas passes through the pipes H to the washer B and thence to the holder C.

    If the holder of the long suit can be kept from the lead, the suit will not be made.

    He was going to improve the opportunity to raise cotton, even if he did not become a holder of the estate.

    Holder had got thither before us, with his horns perdue, but we were admitted.

    When the box is drawn back the cartridges fall from the holder on the top into the carriers simultaneously.

    Then the head of the holder appeared and bobbed down once more.

Word Origin & History of - holder

    Word Origin & History of holder

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