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What is a better word for hole? What's another word for hole? What are 5 "hole synonyms"? How can I replace the word hole? What is the meaning of hole in English?

Word Example of - hole

    Example Sentences for hole

    And that boy with the picket was between him and the hole by which he had entered.

    "'Twas but a hole in the ground when I last saw it," he said.

    There you are, old chap, only got a hole in your gristly lip.

    It could be only a question of time when she would knock a hole in her bottom and go to pieces.

    In its ends are slots, and in its center is a hole so that the ΒΌ in.

    I knew from the sound of the crash that she had stove a hole in her bow.

    In half a minute the bear's snout appeared at the top of the hole.

    These were bugles, the hole running in the thickness of the shell.

    I urged my mount to full speed up the creek bottom, taking chances of his falling into a hole.

    He hid in a hole in the ground and there he played upon his guitar.

Word Origin & History of - hole

    Word Origin & History

    hole O.E. hol "orifice, hollow place," from P.Gmc. *khulaz (cf. O.Fris., O.H.G. hol, M.Du. hool, O.N. holr, Ger. hohl "hollow," Goth. us-hulon "to hollow out"), from PIE base *kel- (see cell). As a contemptuous word for "small dingy lodging or abode" it is attested from 1616. Meaning "a fix, scrape, mess" is from 1760. Obscene slang use for "vulva" is implied from 1340. Hole in the wall "small and unpretentious place" is from 1822; to hole up first recorded 1875. To need (something) like a hole in the head, applied to something useless, first recorded 1951, probably a transl. of a Yiddish expression, ich darf es vi a loch in kop.