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Word Example of - homage

    Example Sentences for homage

    It is still more surprising to realize how sincere and devoted is all this homage.

    There must be somewhere a power, before which these unhappy beings do homage.

    The human race was already becoming degenerate, since it curtailed its homage and its offerings to the dead!

    Do you still desire that I should do homage to you, Queen, I, your husband?

    And the men of the earldom came and did homage to Owen, and he became the Earl of the Fountain.

    They made me the queen of the feast, and I had the homage of all.

    The homage paid to Solomon was hardly on account of his moral character.

    The conditions on which these fiefs were held, were homage, and military and other service.

    No indignities, no humiliations, could pluck from him the immortality of the martyr—the beautiful halo of a nation's homage.

    I have witnessed the homage paid to her in the greatest cities of Europe.

Word Origin & History of - homage

    Word Origin & History of homage

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