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Word Example of - homecoming

    Example Sentences for homecoming

    He could imagine the old gardener's gladness at his homecoming.

    Rome had acclaimed the Cæsar and rejoiced over his homecoming.

    Perhaps the excitement of Fanny's homecoming was partly to blame.

    Nevertheless she waited and watched for John Phillips' homecoming.

    The afternoon following the homecoming of the Skylark, Seaton and Dorothy returned from a long horseback ride in the park.

    In my exile you have been with me, and in my homecoming you shall be with me still.

    This wild frolic was always a delight to the children, and Tom's homecoming was ever watched with eager anticipation.

    Their homecoming, after the brief honeymoon, was delightful.

    The selections under the heading “Country Places” are bits about a cove, the sea, dusk, a fire and homecoming.

    Dear me, no one ever saw such a homecoming in their life before as that of mine that day!

Word Origin & History of - homecoming

    Word Origin & History

    homecoming c.1385 in literal sense of "a coming home;" 1935 in U.S. high school sense. Used earlier in Britain in ref. to the annual return of native to the Isle of Man.

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