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What is a better word for honest? What's another word for honest? What are 5 "honest synonyms"? How can I replace the word honest? What is the meaning of honest in English?

Word Example of - honest

    Example Sentences for honest

    I vowed the captain was no friend of mine; yet I believed him honest.

    If you get any honest enjoyment out of Mr. Ames, I'll get him up here often.

    Tell me honest, now, Rebecca, did Joe Chandler ever propose to you?

    Ay; for to be honest is nothing; the reputation of it is all.

    If I could only think that she had been an honest woman, I should not care.

    "Clarence, I know Buckland is honest and true," interposed Flora.

    You did well in bringing him with you, for an honest man must not fall a victim to a villain.

    Beecot was too dense, and, it may be added, too honest to turn any opportunity to advantage.

    We are bound to be generous in these things, but we are bound also to be honest.

    What a penchant all our honest detectives have for gems, and where do they get them?

Word Origin & History of - honest

    Word Origin & History

    honest c.1300, "respectable, decent, of neat appearance," also "free from fraud," from O.Fr. honeste (12c.), from L. honestus "honorable, respected," from honos (see honor). Main modern sense of "dealing fairly, truthful" is c.1400, as is sense of "virtuous." Phrase to make an honest woman of "marry a woman after seduction" is from 1629.