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Word Example of - honeyed

    Example Sentences for honeyed

    At first he used his arts of blandishment and honeyed words in order to lure Savonarola to Rome.

    "It was so kind of you not to send me away, Mr. Treadwell," she said in honeyed accents.

    The odorous breeze, scented with honeyed clover and the perfume of roses, grew languid in its sweetness, and presently died away.

    Over all was the glare of arclights, and the flutter of honeyed tongues.

    Rupert's honeyed tones, his grasp of Madeleine's hand were more unbearable even than the words.

    He kept his honeyed phrase to himself, however, for she was not heeding him.

    Her simple charm and quiet smile gave us a welcome beyond that of honeyed oratory; forgotten was our difficult, dusty trip.

    On that, the brute inquired with honeyed accents where they were staying.

    There is nothing about "Cupid's arrow," or "Dian's wit;" no honeyed word escapes his lips,—nor again does any accent of despair.

    Now and again you threw me flowers, not half so honeyed as your smiles.

Word Origin & History of - honeyed

    Word Origin & History of honeyed

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