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"honorably Synonyms"

What is a better word for honorably? What's another word for honorably? What are 5 "honorably synonyms"? How can I replace the word honorably? What is the meaning of honorably in English?

The Synonym of - honorably (adv)

Word Example of - honorably

    Example Sentences for honorably

    Of the chief Boston politicians, all ended their days honorably.

    Philadelphia is honorably associated with the glories of our navy.

    He honestly served out the term of his enlistment and was honorably discharged.

    Other things are essential if we are to live comfortably and honorably.

    He seemed to consider himself beyond the risk of danger, and he accepted his happiness as does one who had honorably earned it.

    "They're wuth it; I don't grudge 'em the best they get," said Seth, honorably.

    He had done it as honorably as he could; but he had never liked to think of his behavior at that time.

    Had he purposely and honorably left me alone, in order to escape this scene of blood?

    I arrived at last at the sphere of the Pleiades, where I was honorably received by Arundhat my wife.

    Deliver her to her friends, I beseech you, Sir Luke, and woo her honorably.

Word Origin & History of - honorably

    Word Origin & History of honorably

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