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The Synonym of - honorarium (noun)

Word Example of - honorarium

    Example Sentences for honorarium

    Editors wondered how the publishers could afford it, whereas, in fact, not a single name represented an honorarium.

    The musician, however, was soothed with an honorarium, and with much “Auf wieder-sehen!”

    An honorarium 168 was paid to the person receiving the honor, then.

    If you are writing a book and receiving an honorarium for it, do not expect him to do it.

    This was the honorarium offered at the beginning of last century to a Jewish scholar for an epoch-making work.

    Well—it was not mere astuteness or vulgar cunning on the watch for an honorarium.

    My niece, Miss Blanche Corke, was given an honorarium of £2 for her services during the period of the past five months.

    Nor do I remember me of any fee or honorarium received from him on account of these my labours, except the compotations aforesaid.

    If the instructor can succeed in making him (the Cabinet Minister) really beloved the honorarium will be doubled.

    It gives me great pleasure, therefore, to send an honorarium to all my contributors.

Word Origin & History of - honorarium

    Word Origin & History of - honorarium

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