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What is a better word for hook? What's another word for hook? What are 5 "hook synonyms"? How can I replace the word hook? What is the meaning of hook in English?

Word Example of - hook

    Example Sentences for hook

    Just as nice girls as you have tried to hook Evan Graham before now.

    He put the receiver back on its hook and stepped to the lever.

    The longest fibres of the hackle must be of the same length as the hook.

    He slammed the receiver on to the hook and said a naughty word.

    They seem to be a little longer, and they hook together so well.

    He remembered finally a hook in the wall not far from the chimney.

    A charm like that, she gave me to understand, I must by hook or by crook obtain.

    It was Jimmy who took the kettle from the hook and filled the teapot.

    Well, he didn't want to do it, but because I ordered him to do it he cast in his hook.

    But they meant to bait their hook very carefully, and they did not at all despair.

Word Origin & History of - hook

    Word Origin & History

    hook O.E. hoc, perhaps related to O.E. haca "bolt," from P.Gmc. *khokaz/*khakan- (cf. Du. haak, Ger. Haken "hook"), from PIE *keg- "bent object" (cf. Rus. kogot "claw"). For spelling, see hood. Boxing sense of "short, swinging blow with the elbow bent" is from 1898. Fig. sense was in M.E. (see hooker); hooked "addicted" is from 1925, originally in ref. to narcotics. By hook or by crook (c.1380) probably alludes to tools of professional thieves. Hook, line, and sinker "completely" is 1838, a metaphor from angling.