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What is a better word for hop? What's another word for hop? What are 5 "hop synonyms"? How can I replace the word hop? What is the meaning of hop in English?

Word Example of - hop

    Example Sentences for hop

    The most striking peculiarity of Farnham, as seen from the cliff behind the "Jolly Farmer," is the abundance of hop gardens.

    Hop was English, and Englishmen are apt to call all saurians by this name.

    The twittering canary is going to hop out of the gilded cage, and build her own nest.

    The moment the toad was dropped on the child's tongue of course it began to hop.

    Hop, hop, n. a plant with a long twining stalk, the bitter cones of which are much used in brewing and in medicine.

    Hop up on that log side of your Cousin Whitefoot, where all can see you.

    Now I had a call for twenty-eight ladies to-day, but they had to be young and able to hop it a bitsee?

    If you'll hop in here with me, squire, I'll ride you right over there now.

    I think I could do very well with one foot; I hop a good deal, any way.

    She had transferred from the drawers of the bureau brought out by Hop, all her clothing.

Word Origin & History of - hop

    Word Origin & History

    hop O.E. hoppian "to spring, dance," from P.Gmc. *khupnojanan (cf. O.N. hoppa, Du. huppen, Ger. hüpfen "to hop"). Slang noun sense of "informal dancing party" is from 1731 (defined by Johnson as "a place where meaner people dance").