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Word Example of - hopelessness

    Example Sentences for hopelessness

    I should have felt no reproach or misgiving had it been otherwise, but his apparent giving up, and hopelessness, touched me.

    Shame, misery, hopelessness—he did not know which emotion was stinging him most poignantly.

    The hopelessness of the case struck a chill through all our hearts.

    In the big man's eyes, bitterness and hopelessness glittered.

    All his old cynicism and hopelessness reasserted themselves.

    But despair seems to cure the poet rather than drown his faith in hopelessness.

    It awakened a feeling of great bitterness and hopelessness in his wife.

    He brings up into the imagination the malignity and hopelessness of the damned.

    For the first time the hopelessness of his mission came home to him.

    Yes, they look back at me, and their weariness, their hopelessness saddens me.

Word Origin & History of - hopelessness

    Word Origin & History of - hopelessness

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