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Word Example of - hostile

    Example Sentences for hostile

    He ignored the ring of hostile faces about him and calmly bit into the banana.

    But he had no intention of lying idly by in the path of the hostile craft.

    Nations, who are hostile, will be deterred from their attempts.

    Then they become strange or hostile to traditional religion.

    Apollo's next act was to open a new spring of water, as the local nymph was hostile and grudged him her own.

    Indeed the Chinese religions are said to be hostile to indecency.

    The hostile armies bivouacked at such close quarters that they could hear each other talking at night.

    They knew that persons thus approaching could come with no hostile attempt.

    The next morning they went home satisfied that there were no hostile Indians in the country.

    The hostile forces stood gazing at each other for some time.

Word Origin & History of - hostile

    Word Origin & History

    hostile late 15c., from M.Fr. hostile "of or belonging to an enemy," from L. hostilis, from hostis "enemy." The noun meaning "hostile person" is recorded from 1838, Amer.Eng., a word from the Indian Wars.

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