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Word Example of - hot

    Example Sentences for hot

    But Marshall was as hot a Nationalist as Washington himself.

    And here is tea as hot, I believe, as if we were still blessed with glass windows.

    Couldn't get through these hot days if it weren't for the forty winks I snatch.

    Some like it hot,Some like it cold, Some like it in the pot,Nine days old.

    He wondered, in a hot, disjointed way, if there was no possibility of a rescue.

    Neither will granite, but granite will fall to pieces in a hot fire.

    He had not known before how hot and dry his throat had become.

    To increase the heat, blasts of hot air are blown into the bottom of the furnace.

    In this doubt Antonelli was permitted the trial by water, hot or cold.

    The object of this is to see how hot the oil must be before it gives off a vapor which will burn.

Word Origin & History of - hot

    Word Origin & History

    hot O.E. hat "hot, opposite of cold," also "fervent, fierce," from P.Gmc. *haitoz (cf. O.Fris. het, O.N. heitr, Du. heet, Ger. heiß "hot," Goth. heito "heat of a fever"), from PIE base *qai- (cf. Lith. kaistu "to grow hot"), the same root as that of heat. Taste sense of "pungent, acrid, biting" is from 1548. Sense of "exciting, remarkable, very good" is 1895; that of "stolen" is first recorded 1925 (originally with overtones of "easily identified and difficult to dispose of"); that of "radioactive" is from 1942. Hot air "unsubstantiated statements, boastful talk" is from 1900. Hot potato figurative sense is from 1846. Hot-blooded "passionate" (1598) is a relic of medieval physiology theory. The association of hot with sexuality dates back to 1500. Hot rod first recorded 1945 in Amer.Eng.; hot water "trouble" is from 1537. The hot and cold in hide-and-seek or guessing games are from hunting (1648), with notion of tracking a scent. Hot spot "night club" first recorded 1931. Hotshot "important person" is from 1933; it earlier meant "fast train" (1925).

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