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Word Example of - hotel

    Example Sentences for hotel

    However, a few minutes' walking took them to the Hotel de Ville.

    "Row back to the hotel, Sim, and tell my brother I have been taken up," I shouted.

    By this time they had reached the hotel, the steps and hall of which were full of people.

    She's at the hotel in Riverport, with Clarence and his wife.

    Her Dinners soon became the talk of the Chambermaids employed at the Hotel.

    "Not a cent;" and Mr. Goodridge hurried Sim towards the hotel.

    The hotel in which I had slept was a two-storied brick building.

    He could not "keep a hotel," and he did not aspire to do so.

    Every hotel door was like the vent to a hive—black with comers and goers.

    You will be paid well for any services, and furnished a room at the hotel.

Word Origin & History of - hotel

    Word Origin & History

    hotel 1644, "public official residence," from Fr. hôtel, from O.Fr. hostel "a lodging," from M.L. hospitale "inn" (see hostel). Modern sense of "an inn of the better sort" is first recorded 1765. Hotelier is a 1905 borrowing of Fr. hôtelier "hotelkeeper."

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