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The Synonym of - householder (noun)

Word Example of - householder

    Example Sentences for householder

    And then the householder gave them the supreme welfare of life,—work.

    “For the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is a householder,” &c.

    A Brixton householder may hear the name of the Ephra without guessing how its course is below his feet.

    This speaks for itself: he must have been at least a householder and a person of consideration.

    The important trivialities of the householder's existence are the main theme of every verse.

    Hence we conclude that the science of the king, statesman, and householder is one and the same.

    The householder who thus compounds with the owner of the premises he occupies is known as a “compound householder.”

    You cannot bail me yourself, but you can easily get a householder to do so.

    What was his intention in thus playing the householder for a single night in the remote west of London?

    Householder writes: Please turn the Pessiphone off at the main.

Word Origin & History of - householder

    Word Origin & History of householder

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