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Word Example of - hub

    Example Sentences for hub

    The final operation is that of finishing the bore by tool J and cutting a groove in the outside of the hub by the bent tool K.

    She felt a slight lurch as the pickup left the hub of the Guardian Wheel.

    It will be seen the impulse roller is staked flat against the hub E of the balance staff.

    Ain't any other mud like that Hub Hill mud anywhere near here.

    Cousin Peligros lived in a little apartment in Madrid, which she fondly imagined to be the hub of the social universe.

    But the felloes hung to the spokes and the spokes to the hub.

    The paddle wheels are shown as being of iron, with two fixed arms opposite one another on the hub.

    Should he have grasped the spokes near the hub, near the rim, or in the middle?

    So we told Commissioner Tate to bring you to the Hub and keep you there, to see what would happen.

    The poor creature's dress had caught in something, and she stood an instant on the hub.

Word Origin & History of - hub

    Word Origin & History of hub

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