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Word Example of - huge

    Example Sentences for huge

    Why need the huge mills feed the hospitals daily with injured men?

    First, a huge column of water rose under the stern of the Jupiter.

    Hawk Eye climbed down the rock and gazed silently at the huge body.

    "I'll break your head," cried the captain, swinging his huge fists.

    It's huge—how can such an enormous ship ever get off the Earth?

    Huge but shapeless the buildings arose, like mountains or icebergs.

    I could see his huge form as it intercepted the comfortable blaze.

    Every day he brought him huge provision and fed him with the point of his sword.

    Altogether, the number of his works reached the huge total of 6205.

    The huge reception hall was trimmed from floor to dome in onyx and gold.

Word Origin & History of - huge

    Word Origin & History

    huge c.1150, apparently aphetic of O.Fr. ahuge "extremely large," of uncertain origin. Expanded form hugeous is attested from 1529.

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