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Word Example of - hugely

    Example Sentences for hugely

    For a mile or more the two lads speeded along, enjoying it hugely.

    They love and respect me hugely, which I hope will last another whole week.

    Redworth blew a heavy breath; and it should be chronicled as a sigh; but it was hugely masculine.

    Methinks we have hugely mistaken this matter of Life and Death.

    There were plenty of dog teams passing in and out of this square, and at rest there, which amused the young Americans hugely.

    "I am hugely interested in prison life," declared the other.

    It would be absurd to deny that I am hugely bucked at the result, but I had had a pretty strenuous training for the exam.

    With the words, he left the room, in his wake a hugely relieved Smithson.

    There you lay in the whirling clouds of dust, all huge and hugely, heedless now of your chivalry.

    Hugely delighted, he clasped his hands in well-assumed agony of mind.

Word Origin & History of - hugely

    Word Origin & History

    huge c.1150, apparently aphetic of O.Fr. ahuge "extremely large," of uncertain origin. Expanded form hugeous is attested from 1529.

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