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Word Example of - hulk

    Example Sentences for hulk

    Holloa, messmate, cast here a few coppers to help to revictual a hulk all the doctors in the world could not refit for sea!

    The only question was, how fast was the hulk of the Shane moving?

    He then contemplated firing the hulk, but while the materials for doing so were sought for, the chain was slipped without orders.

    "That was the first time I really went over the hulk," he ran on.

    These singular tumuli are described by Chalmers as "oblong ridges, like the hulk of a ship, with its bottom upwards."

    They all thought he was a hulk, without a shot left in the locker!

    A week on the hulk would be refreshing, for on one side there is no land nearer than America.

    If Hulk, however, was the chief malcontent, we have little reason to fear them.

    It is not much good for a ship to leave a port well dressed if her hulk is not equal to her get up.

    “Now the next thing is to get aboard the hulk,” was Dick's thought.

Word Origin & History of - hulk

    Word Origin & History

    hulk O.E. hulc "light, fast ship" (but in M.E. a heavy, unwieldy one), probably from O.Du. hulke and M.L. hulcus, from Gk. holkas "merchant ship," lit. "ship that is towed." Meaning "body of an old, worn-out ship" is first recorded 1671. The Hulks ("Great Expectations") were old ships used as prisons. Sense of "big, clumsy person" is first recorded 1597. The verb meaning "to go about in a hulking manner" is from 1793.