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Word Example of - hulking

    Example Sentences for hulking

    He got to his feet, hulking, savage, with swaying red fists.

    I feel a hulking slacker and fraud, being home on sick leave.

    So sweetly, indeed, that poor Jeff felt like the hulking wolf of the old world fable, and hesitated—as that wolf did not.

    He sat there staring up in astonishment at Fyfe, hulking over him.

    His last glance, shot past the lowered head and hulking shoulders of his giant adversary, went to the Girl.

    Careless Tom, or Hulking Tom (not necessarily in disapproval).

    Turkey seemed to be a hulking clod and Toot was wizened and shrill-voiced and sharp.

    Who told her John had the fever—a great, strong, hulking fellow like that?

    And Chet Bullard also roused himself; but it was toward the stupefied, hulking figure of Schwartzmann that he moved.

    And here was a hulking, good-natured Frenchman doing it splendidly.

Word Origin & History of - hulking

    Word Origin & History

    hulk O.E. hulc "light, fast ship" (but in M.E. a heavy, unwieldy one), probably from O.Du. hulke and M.L. hulcus, from Gk. holkas "merchant ship," lit. "ship that is towed." Meaning "body of an old, worn-out ship" is first recorded 1671. The Hulks ("Great Expectations") were old ships used as prisons. Sense of "big, clumsy person" is first recorded 1597. The verb meaning "to go about in a hulking manner" is from 1793.

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