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Word Example of - hull

    Example Sentences for hull

    They are driven by two steam-engines, which are placed in the hull of the vessel below the paddle-shaft.

    Her hull had swung round a little, so that there was a choice of sides in approaching her.

    The pieces necessary to assemble the hull are shown in Fig. 58.

    We give this proclamation, as we have done that of General Hull, in a note.

    Investigation showed the hull to be intact but two of the hatches had been torn off their hinges and were nowhere in sight.

    Do you agree, or shall we unload every torpedo we've got into your hull?

    Her hull was somewhat similar to 'Valentine,' and she was rigged as a lug sloop like 'Savourna.'

    At a hundred yards, we stop and the boarding parties will land on the hull.

    Some time after, having been exchanged, Hull was arraigned before a court-martial, of which General Dearborn was president.

    No further attempt was made by General Hull, on Amherstburgh.

Word Origin & History of - hull

    Word Origin & History

    hull "seed covering," from O.E. hulu, from P.Gmc. *khulus "to cover" (cf. O.H.G. hulla, hulsa). The verb was in M.E.; hulled can mean both "having a particular kind of hull" and "stripped of the hull."

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