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What is a better word for humanistic? What's another word for humanistic? What are 5 "humanistic synonyms"? How can I replace the word humanistic? What is the meaning of humanistic in English?

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    Dante prepared the way for the humanistic movement and was therefore an important factor in this great revival.

    Yes; she has arranged with Cerini to work with him upon his Humanistic Studies.

    It was inevitable too that the humanistic spirit should control the writing of history.

    Humanistic writing is full of the exulting sense of this emancipation.

    You see how naturally one comes to the humanistic principle: you can't weed out the human contribution.

    Hence the pride which is an essential quality of the humanistic attitude.

    At this time Padua was a centre of humanistic learning and intellectual activity.

    The humanistic spirit of the Greeks was native and intense but it was narrow in scope.

    In contrast to Freud's technical and abstract theory, Adler's is humanistic, open, and concrete.

    It was the humanistic and naturalistic side of Donatello which touched Giovanni Bellini, more than all his classic lore.

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