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Word Example of - humanity

    Example Sentences for humanity

    A shallow grave was dug in the soft earth at the foot of the cliff, and the melancholy remnant of humanity was lifted into it.

    If this be humanity, for which he meant it; is it politicks?

    The fads and foibles of humanity can be good-naturedly exposed in humorous articles that have no sting.

    Slaves were also harshly treated, as property, not within the limits of humanity.

    This was a matter of temperament, perhaps, but it reveals the humanity as well as the divinity of the man.

    And this broad love, broad as humanity, is not shallow because it is broad.

    The man who becomes the father of a race of puny children, can be no friend to humanity.

    And just as He is the centre of humanity, so the Cross is the centre of His work.

    Moreover, you see, in this very hour, these people are succeeding in putting themselves outside the pale of humanity.

    But on the whole, the condition of humanity among the savages must have been dreadful.

Word Origin & History of - humanity

    Word Origin & History

    humanity late 14c., from O.Fr. humanité, from L. humanitatem (nom. humanitas) "human nature, humanity," from humanus (see human). Originally in English "kindness, graciousness;" sense of "human race" first recorded mid-15c. Humanities (L. literæ humaniores) were those branches of literature (ancient classics, rhetoric, poetry) which tended to humanize or refine. Humanitarian (1819) originally was "one who affirms the humanity of Christ (but denies His divinity);" first used 1844 in modern sense of "one who advocates or practices human action;" usually disparaging at first, with a suggestion ...of excess.

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