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Word Example of - humbug

    Example Sentences for humbug

    I like him so much—and he's such a humbug, and I don't think he knows that he's in the least a humbug.

    Well, what does that matter, you humbug, when Law is going to make millions for us?

    Elisabeth spoke severely; she was always merciless upon anything in the shape of humbug or snobbery.

    They're like everything else sold by curio dealers—all humbug.

    Don't try and humbug me, or I'll——In God's name, tell me everything.

    In a narrow sense of the word he is a “Humbug:” in the larger acceptation he is not.

    Sir James particularly watched Fullerton, and at last he said to himself, "That fellow's no humbug."

    But need I explain to my own beloved countrymen that there is humbug in politics?

    So ignorance, and humbug mark every step of this foremost among the pilots of a noble, high-minded, but too confiding people.

    There was no humbug or deception about the article manufactured.

Word Origin & History of - humbug

    Word Origin & History

    humbug 1751, student slang, "trick, jest, hoax, deception," of unknown origin.

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