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Word Example of - humiliation

    Example Sentences for humiliation

    Oh—it is easy for you—standing there—watching my humiliation—making your terms!

    There was nothing to do but to take it, to endure the humiliation of her wound.

    At length, in 1016, Ethelred died, and Emma's cup of disappointment and humiliation was now full.

    He seems to diminish in size and to be overwhelmed with humiliation.

    Do you believe that their thirst for our humiliation, our slavery, is quenched?

    The next object of Richelieu was the humiliation of Austria.

    Is there any one to wonder at her sudden feeling of humiliation?

    I was equally to blame and I must take my share of the humiliation.

    I don't feel that; but I do feel the humiliation and the discomfort of having been put in prison!

    And so he smothered his feelings and tried to bear the humiliation as patiently as he could.

Word Origin & History of - humiliation

    Word Origin & History

    humiliation late 14c., from O.Fr. humiliation, from L.L. humiliationem (nom. humiliatio) "humbling, humiliation," from L. humiliare "to humble," from humilis "humble." Humiliate is c.1533, a back-formation of this.

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