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Word Example of - humor

    Example Sentences for humor

    His work abounds in an ingenious and admirable mingling of wit and humor.

    The cook was in too bad a humor to give her anything to eat with it.

    Some good, straightforward boys are wholly destitute of humor.

    Gozzi gave him brio and bonarietà , with cordiality and humor.

    We had to humor her, though it was something against prudence.

    The commander grinned—not with humor, but with satisfaction.

    "Hold your tongue up there and go in," cried Joyeuse, out of humor.

    Also, he had humor, humor in rich abundance, and always wanting to break out.

    For all of his peculiar manner, the man seemed sane enough, and the boy decided to humor him.

    A great deal of the humor that originated in Georgia has been printed in books.

Word Origin & History of - humor

    Word Origin & History

    humor 1340, "fluid or juice of an animal or plant," from Anglo-Norm. humour, from O.Fr. humor, from L. umor "body fluid" (also humor, by false assoc. with humus "earth"), related to umere "be wet, moist," and to uvescere "become wet." In ancient and medieval physiology, "any of the four body fluids" (blood, phlegm, choler, and melancholy or black bile) whose relative proportions were thought to determine state of mind. This led to a sense of "mood, temporary state of mind" (first recorded 1525); the sense of "amusing quality, funniness" is first recorded 1682, probably via sense of "whim, caprice" ...(1565), which also produced the verb sense of "indulge," first attested 1588. "The pronunciation of the initial h is only of recent date, and is sometimes omitted ...." [OED] Humorous in the modern sense is first recorded 1705. For types of humor, see the useful table below, from H.W. Fowler ["Modern English Usage," 1926].

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