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Word Example of - hunk

    Example Sentences for hunk

    If, as you say, you feel like a hunk of metal, it aint bad if it is that kind.

    But Hunk was one of the old crowd that didn't need much dodgin'.

    I couldn't help but make comparisons; she was like a hunk of marble, warm and vibrant.

    That is, it seemed like business to him; for, in his special way, Hunk had been comin' along.

    Mad an' savage, he's doo to bite a hunk outen that devoted household!

    "Pullin' down the kale by the double handsful, mind you," says Hunk.

    Couldn't I git her a hunk of thet sausage that we brung home?

    "Then that's just why you ought to hook up with me," says Hunk.

    He tumbled on to the ground a large clasp pocket-knife, a hunk of black bread, a cigarette-case and some old letters.

    Just as I said, it was all hunk till I struck the rocks, and I've been up in the air ever since.

Word Origin & History of - hunk

    Word Origin & History

    hunk 1813, "large piece cut off," probably from W.Flem. hunke (used of bread and meat), which is perhaps related to Du. homp "lump, hump." Meaning "attractive, sexually appealing man" is first attested 1945 in jive talk (in Australian slang, it is recorded from 1941).