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Word Example of - hunky-dory

    Example Sentences for hunky-dory

    You're all right, and the spot is hunky-dory, and it's the durned old boat hez made the mistake, begosh!

    Said to go to bed and get a good sleep and I'd be all hunky-dory in the morning.

    We kin fix that all hunky-dory, an' Johnson, he won't neveh know.

    But you seem to be feeling all hunky-dory again, and why don't you come join us in the Good Citizens' League, old man?

    Without leaving the boat, fishing arm-deep into the brush, he announced, "All hunky-dory."

Word Origin & History of - hunky-dory

    Word Origin & History

    hunky-dory 1866, Amer.Eng. (popularized c.1870 by a Christy Minstrel song), perhaps a reduplication of hunkey "all right, satisfactory" (1861), from hunk "in a safe position" (1847) New York City slang, from Du. honk "goal, home," from M.Du. honc "place of refuge, hiding place." A theory from 1876, however, traces it to Honcho dori, said to be a street in Yokohama, Japan, where sailors went for diversions of the sort sailors enjoy.