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What is a better word for hurl? What's another word for hurl? What are 5 "hurl synonyms"? How can I replace the word hurl? What is the meaning of hurl in English?

Word Example of - hurl

    Example Sentences for hurl

    Or should he hurl himself from the wall, once he gained the top?

    Watch for the men who pause to hurl their spears, and do your best to bowl them over.

    It is almost essential to let go the stone at the right moment, otherwise it will hurl you.

    My friend now began to hurl stones at it, but it easily dodged them.

    Earl pretended to be making violent efforts to hurl Ensal off of himself, but this was merely a feint.

    The devils will hurl you into a boiler and will pour into it—ha, ha, ha!

    Wounds were nothing to them, as long as they could level a gun or hurl a tomahawk.

    It was in this way that people learned to hurl weapons with a throwing-stick.

    At any moment now he understood that one of the devils in gray might hurl itself at the full throat of Beatrice or at his own.

    It will tear her from her anchor and hurl us all to destruction.

Word Origin & History of - hurl

    Word Origin & History

    hurl early 13c., hurlen, probably related to Low Ger. hurreln "to throw, to dash," and E.Fris. hurreln "to roar, to bluster." OED suggests all are from onomatopoeic *hurr "expressing rapid motion;" see also hurry. For difference between hurl and hurtle (which apparently were confused since early M.E.) see hurtle.