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Word Example of - hurtful

    Example Sentences for hurtful

    These are the hurtful microbes, and they produce toxins, which poison the system.

    Has my poor salon still the misfortune to be hurtful to you?

    How futile then, not to say hurtful, must be all instruments for, and all attempts at replacing and supporting it by force!

    I considered it hurtful, and particularly as generally it was accompanied by drinking.

    Some prayers are not answered because what is asked would be hurtful; the prayer is answered in spirit though denied in form.

    No failure could be as hurtful as delay, and she offered to make the attempt.

    But the lover is not only hurtful to his love; he is also an extremely disagreeable companion.

    And then let them dare to say that such a state of things is hurtful to the State.

    The island is especially favoured; it contains no poisonous or hurtful insects or reptiles.

    It can be hurtful to none, said Luther, to acknowledge and confess their sins.

Word Origin & History of - hurtful

    Word Origin & History of hurtful

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