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Word Example of - hurting

    Example Sentences for hurting

    If any one promotes national distrust or disunion at this hour, he is helping the enemy and hurting his native land.

    This—this has been done, I suppose, to keep me from hurting anyone else.

    Not alone with pity for the squirrel; something else is hurting me.

    This kept the sloshing of the quicksilver from hurting the horses so much.

    His sister told him he was working too hard and hurting his health.

    Do you think I could learn to do it without its hurting me very much?

    At last one evening he was overcome by a sudden impulse which neutralised for the moment his nervous dread of hurting her.

    There's no danger of my hurting myself, and what if I should?

    The bones of the skull are a quarter of an inch thick and prevent any common knocks from hurting the brain.

    As long as she's in on bad terms, she's not only hurting herself, she's hurting you.

Word Origin & History of - hurting

    Word Origin & History

    hurt c.1200, from O.Fr. hurter "to ram, strike, collide," perhaps from Frank. *hurt (cf. M.H.G. hurten "run at, collide," O.N. hrutr "ram"). Sense of "injury" is purely an Eng. development. Sense of "knock" died out 17c., but cf. hurtle.

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