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Word Example of - husk

    Example Sentences for husk

    To-morrow will see the husk sloughed off and for a fortnight youll be Lance Courthorne.

    Wheat is good; even its husk is good; beauty and order and service have come to it.

    If the husk is not right, the kernel is not right; it will not produce seed.

    His senses give him the accidents of things, the shell or husk, so to speak.

    In India barley usually runs very light, there being a great deal of husk.

    One of our crawbs knows that and has claws that can bore through the husk and shell.

    A measure of rice and a measure of paddy in husk are mixed, and divided into two shares.

    These ants winnow or husk the grain after it has been carried into the nest.

    If the nut when taken out of the husk is black, it would not be worth much.

    There was a lump in his throat, and his good-bye had a husk in it.

Word Origin & History of - husk

    Word Origin & History

    husk 1392, huske "dry, outer skin of certain fruits and seeds," perhaps from M.Du. huuskyn "little house, core of fruit, case," dim. of huus "house."

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