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Word Example of - iambic-pentameter

    Example Sentences for iambic

    If they are used, however, as trisyllables in the iambic rhythm they naturally admit of the metrical accent on the last syllable.

    It must consist of exactly fourteen lines of iambic pentameter.

    Anapestic feet are used freely to improve the music; in fact, they are nearly as numerous as the iambic feet.

    Iambic lines are by very far the most frequent in English verse.

    Our ears, however, are hardly fine enough to catch the iambic twang of which Quintilian complains.

    The translation is in iambic measure, and the specimen is concluded in the 2d vol.

    Rendered into vigorous English rhymed couplets of seven iambic feet in 1919.

    Our Iambic in its sixth form, is commonly called the Alexandrine measure.

    The metres employed by Epicharmus were iambic trimeter, and especially trochaic and anapaestic tetrameter.

    In Middle English poetry, however, only iambic rhythms were used.

Word Origin & History of - iambic-pentameter

    Word Origin & History

    iambic 1575, from L. iambicus, from Gk. iambikos, from iambos "metrical foot of one unaccented followed by one accented syllable," from iaptein "to assail" (in words); the meter of invective and lampoon in classical Gk. from the time it was used for such by Archilochos, 7c. B.C.E.

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