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Word Example of - identical

    Example Sentences for identical

    Thus the testimony of Moses long before is identical with that of Paul.

    I had seen the identical troupe in London, and "All Right" was amongst them.

    When he came down again he told Mr Holt that he believed she was the identical ship they had chased the previous day.

    Page 235: indentical changed to identical (identical troupe).

    Take two autumn leaves, identical in color, and expose one to the weather, while the other is waxed and pressed in a book.

    Let us remember that our interests are identical, that one cannot suffer without the other.

    The identical form of the lodges in the different cities is a strong argument that the same ruling body governed them all.

    The two are identical: they are indivisible: they are not two, but one.

    This species is found throughout the Pacific States, and I am inclined to believe it identical with chalcis.

    The idea of the game was to set up your own board in the identical pattern.

Word Origin & History of - identical

    Word Origin & History

    identical 1620, as a term in logic, from M.L. identicus "the same," from L.L. identitas "identity," ult. from L. idem "the same" (from id "it, that one") + demonstrative suffix -dem. Replaced M.E. idemptical, from M.L. idemptitas, from L. idem.

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