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Word Example of - identified

    Example Sentences for identified

    Salem from the first was identified with American independence.

    He had identified this action at last with his faith in the very existence of justice.

    From the beginning the Hohenzollern have been identified with the Prussian State.

    And the extent to which even he was identified came to be a matter of discussion.

    The first witness called was the proprietor of the lodging-house, who had identified the body.

    There were about forty Mexicans also identified with the McSween faction.

    A Devonshire botanist told me he had identified nearly three hundred different mosses in a two days' ramble in that county.

    They wanted blood, lots of it, and they identified with the winning side.

    Of the nature or character of the wrapping paper you identified yesterday.

    He identified himself at the door and Tallis opened it cautiously.

Word Origin & History of - identified

    Word Origin & History

    identify 1644, "regard as the same," from Fr. identifier, from identité (see identity). Sense of "recognize" first recorded 1769. I.D. (pronounced as separate letters), short for identification, is attested from 1955.

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