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Word Example of - identity

    Example Sentences for identity

    They are such utter bounders that I have no desire to disclose my identity to them.

    It does not seem my own, and I Have no self-passion or identity.

    The fixed and certain point here is the identity of the central figure, Skioldus-Scyld.

    The proprietor of a paper should be known, but his identity is not always disclosed.

    No doubt she had been unaware of my identity as his visitor, or she would never dared to have lurked there.

    He was prompted to obey his mood and announce his identity with all the fury that was in him.

    The voice was familiar to me—its second utterance enabled me to seize the speaker's identity.

    Asked if he had formed any conjecture as to the identity of the stranger, Sam said no.

    Then, it seemed an identity; but now that I know your face better, the likeness is far less apparent.

    Yet the slur upon her identity could always 276hurt Nancy Nelson.

Word Origin & History of - identity

    Word Origin & History

    identity 1570, from M.Fr. identité (14c.), from L.L. (5c.) identitatem (nom. identitas) "sameness," from ident-, comb. form of L. idem (neut.) "the same" (see identical); abstracted from identidem "over and over," from phrase idem et idem. Term identity crisis first recorded 1954.

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