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What is a better word for idiom? What's another word for idiom? What are 5 "idiom synonyms"? How can I replace the word idiom? What is the meaning of idiom in English?

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    Example Sentences for idiom

    (in English idiom, 'smoking tobacco') was the unhesitating answer.

    They remain in the structure of the street and the idiom of the language.

    To reproduce the Great Style of the original in a Western idiom, the happiest combination of circumstances was necessary.

    All six instances of the idiom cited by the OLD (quod 6c) are from poetry.

    Others are in a mixed dialect, in some of which the Irish idiom, in others the Scotch, predominates.

    The idiom and traditions of the ancient inhabitants were there preserved.

    French colloquialism and idiom are the stumbling-blocks of the foreigner in France, even if he is college bred.

    The occasional use of the imperfect is almost his only Gaelic idiom.

    The Countess, for example, spoke English with a perfection of idiom and inflection that was unequaled by a foreigner.

    But this second idiom was no more intelligible than the first.

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    Word Origin & History of idiom

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