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Word Example of - idiopathic

    Example Sentences for idiopathic

    Idiopathic is a word we medical men use to conceal our ignorance of the cause of disease.

    What cases of chloasma are included in the idiopathic group?

    We may mention the convulsive seizures of idiopathic epilepsy only to dismiss them.

    A clear case of idiopathic or spontaneous hydrophobia has never yet been known to occur in the human subject.

    By atrophy of the skin is meant an idiopathic or symptomatic wasting or degeneration of its component elements.

    Hydrocephalus may occur, either as an idiopathic or symptomatic affection.

    Inflammatory fevers are distinguished from idiopathic forms.

    The remote causes of ascites may be either symptomatic or idiopathic, and either local or general.

    These latter are generally known as idiopathic or spontaneous in their etiology.

    Unlike purpura variolosa and idiopathic purpura hmorrhagica, this variety appears to be free from danger.

Word Origin & History of - idiopathic

    Word Origin & History of idiopathic

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