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What is a better word for ignite? What's another word for ignite? What are 5 "ignite synonyms"? How can I replace the word ignite? What is the meaning of ignite in English?

Word Example of - ignite

    Example Sentences for ignite

    If the pressure becomes too great, it will break the tank, escape and ignite from the flame in the iron.

    It is impossible to ignite there a fragment of amorphous phosphorus.

    Black1324 and glistening; does not ignite readily, but burns up to a clear hot fire.

    A spark could ignite it and set the globe on fire like it was a brandied Christmas pudding.

    At the same time the wood was already so wet that it cost us some trouble to ignite it.

    The flames did not touch her, but they did ignite the curtain at the window.

    If soot in the furnace will not ignite, throw a little wood or paper on the fire.

    They were afraid of lighting one lest it should ignite the grass.

    It carries only enough to ignite and set functioning the auditor's imagination.

    When all is ready, ignite the matches, and cover close for several hours.

Word Origin & History of - ignite

    Word Origin & History

    ignite 1646 (implied in ignitable), from L. ignitus, pp. of ignire "set fire." Attested earlier as an adj. (1560). Ignition is from 1612, "act of heating to the point of combustion;" meaning "means of sparking an internal combustion engine" is from 1881.