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The Synonym of - ignominy (noun)

Word Example of - ignominy

    Example Sentences for ignominy

    This is not to dispraise the hills of Man, but only to rescue them from the ignominy of an obvious, but quite unfair, comparison.

    One sister I saved from the ignominy you would have brought upon her.

    It is disgrace and ignominy even to be named in the same breath!

    Let us see what you can do to redeem the ignominy of your impudent giggling!

    Anything and all things are preferable to ignominy like this.

    But are you ready to meet the shame and ignominy of the story?

    The clerks, we are glad to say, are credited with a refusal to act: but Warwick did not shrink from the ignominy.

    I know well all the ignominy, all the shame; but I know, too, all the misery of the position.

    Perhaps his friends would interfere to save him from the ignominy.

    What care they about sharing his ignominy, provided they share his fortune?

Word Origin & History of - ignominy

    Word Origin & History

    ignominy 1530s, from Fr. ignominie (15c.), from L. ignominia "disgrace, dishonor" (see ignominious).

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