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Word Example of - ignore

    Example Sentences for ignore

    Nolan asked, trying to ignore the sinking feeling in his stomach.

    If the dolls dance exquisitely we should ignore the man who pulls the wires.

    "I've already done it, Jim," the general chose to ignore the outburst.

    He was twenty-one, and tall and strong, so that he was able to ignore Big Tom.

    He had engaged himself to her so much that, simply to ignore her would be cowardly as well as false.

    We are hedged about by certain restrictions that we can neither remove nor ignore.

    Thou art in a world of thine own creation, but this world of men hath also claims upon thee, which thou canst not ignore.

    He had a tendency to follow his own whims and ignore everybody else.

    There were things one did n't say, although Mrs. Lannithorne seemed to ignore the fact.

    "I should advise you not to alight, Miss Brock," said he, unable to ignore her request.

Word Origin & History of - ignore

    Word Origin & History

    ignore 1611, "not to know, to be ignorant of," from Fr. ignorer, from L. ignorare "not to know, disregard," from ignarus "not knowing, unaware" (see ignorant). Sense of "pay no attention to" first recorded 1801 and not common until c.1850.

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