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Word Example of - ill

    Example Sentences for ill

    "A 'll risk the time; it 'ill no tak mair than an 'oor," and he leaped the dyke.

    Careless how ill I with myself agree, Kind to my dress, my figure, not to me.

    Ill conclude, Camelia, that you may do quite a lot of harm in the world.

    Matilda acknowledged that she should like to be ill in the daytime.

    Them good foulks there, take my word, had no ill maening to Mr. Roger.

    You will all be ill: and nobody must be ill now, for I have no medicines left.

    Tip had been ill off and on most of the time since we left Kastamuni.

    Mr Rowland knew that Mrs Enderby was too ill to receive visitors.

    You can't believe that Angelica really knew Letty was so ill?

    When pain, loss, and ill were experienced and the question was provoked, Who did this to us?

Word Origin & History of - ill

    Word Origin & History

    ill c.1200, "morally evil" (other 13c. senses were "malevolent, hurtful, unfortunate, difficult"), from O.N. illr "ill, bad," of unknown origin. Not related to evil. Main modern sense of "sick, unhealthy, unwell" is first recorded c.1460, probably related to O.N. idiom "it is bad to me." Illness "disease, sickness" is from 1689. Slang sense of "very good, cool" is 1980s.

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