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Word Example of - ill-advised

    Example Sentences for ill-advised

    These ill-advised attempts were frustrated by the Fifteenth Amendment which made the freedmen voters.

    And if you're so ill-advised as to bring an action for breach, you jolly well can.

    The effect of this ill-advised news upon Thornton can be better imagined than described.

    Yes, he is an ill-advised fellow, and if the doctors are wise, they will do what I say.

    It must have happened between his desertion of his lawful wife, Dave's Aunt M'riar, and his ill-advised attempt at burglary.

    Poor, ill-advised, ungrateful Armour came home on Friday last.

    It's my duty, man of sin, to warn you of your danger, and tell these ill-advised people not to follow your evil example.

    But he was so ill-advised in that moment as to attempt to defend himself.

    If, on the other hand, ill-advised or angry directors and engineers refused to pay, what could navvies do?

    And for this reason I should have been ill-advised in attempting to bring my drama on the stage.

Word Origin & History of - ill-advised

    Word Origin & History of ill-advised

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