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Word Example of - ill-boding

    Example Sentences for ill-boding

    As the engine cools through inaction, the ill-boding wisp of spray lessens and dies.

    The only answer that he received for some time was a loud and ill-boding murmur.

    Claudia had had a dream of strange and ill-boding character.

    Rouse you, dear child of my love,—rouse you from your ill-boding security.

    Left to herself, Ruth hesitated before going to her father with her ill-boding tidings.

    The ill-boding tone had however taken such possession of my ear, that I could not get rid of it for the whole day.

    He too had heard this ill-boding whistle, and the report which echoed under the tilt.

    And thus, croaking like the ravens when they anticipate pestilence, the ill-boding sibyls withdrew from the churchyard.

    At the moment of our observing the ill-boding sign, a pig was in the act of entering the portals.

    Mr. Douglas shook hands with him kindly, but from under his iron-gray, bushy brows shot an ill-boding look.

Word Origin & History of - ill-boding

    Word Origin & History of ill-boding

    We're sorry, our database couldn't found the history of ill-boding. Please check spelling and try again. We'll update soon ill-boding word Origin & History in our database. Thank you for visiting our English to Bengali dictionary.

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