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What is a better word for illiteracy? What's another word for illiteracy? What are 5 "illiteracy synonyms"? How can I replace the word illiteracy? What is the meaning of illiteracy in English?

Word Example of - illiteracy

    Example Sentences for illiteracy

    This discovery of his illiteracy shocked and hurt her inexpressibly.

    The degree of illiteracy is difficult to quantify, but the result is easy to notice.

    Human beings in the civilization of illiteracy know better why they eat than what they eat.

    The domain of alternatives constitutes the civilization of illiteracy.

    Advertising in the civilization of illiteracy is no longer communication or illustration.

    This is no longer the case in the civilization of illiteracy.

    Among the foreign born in rural districts in three of these states an exceptionally high per cent of illiteracy prevails.

    At the threshold of the civilization of illiteracy, how many books are printed?

    A tendency from a lower to a higher rate of illiteracy is discernible.

    Politics in the civilization of illiteracy is not politics out of the blue sky.

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